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About Us




Company Summary 

Dead Inventory Management System, LLC (DIMS), owner and operator of dimventory.com, was founded in 2011, as a scanner technology company to assist large manufacturers in exporting lists of their dead or idle inventory to online ecommerce sites.  Since then we have abandoned the scanner technology and transformed into an automated service intergrated through ERP systems for product listing on our own marketplace currently in beta at www.manufacturersinventory.com

We aim to be the industrial business solution for the relief of dead inventory.  We facilitate the movement of dead inventory to a buyer who needs it. Our sellers are provided with tools to easily list their dead inventory such as out quicclic software that can make up to 5000 listings per hour, our global market analyzer that markets your products to high demand regions anywhere in the world, and our competitve price matching tool that eliminates your need to do market research.

To learn more about Dead Inventory Management, LLC visit our website here.